Target module design engineer

Proton Target Research

Job description

MYRRHA is an Accelerator Driven System composed of a lead-bismuth cooled reactor, a lead-bismuth spallation target and a high power proton accelerator.
Part of the main proton beam from the MYRRHA accelerator will be deviated to a Proton Target Facility for the production of radioisotopes. These isotopes will be used either for medical applications or for fundamental and applied research in various fields of science including nuclear physics, fundamental interactions and solid state physics.
In the frame of this project we are looking for a "Target module design engineer".

As design engineer of the target module, you will work within the Proton Target Research (PTR) team and have the following tasks:

  • analyze the design of target modules at similar facilities operating in other research centers;
  • adapt the concept of the 600-MeV target module to the 100-MeV Proton Target Facility;
  • define the target module remote handling system and describe it in detail in a technical report;
  • define a concept of the isotopes collector station and subsequent sample handling and transport;
  • provide input and feedback to the Balance of Plant (BOP) engineering team and to the licensing team with regards to the facility design and envisaged operation;
  • stay informed about developments at other proton-beam high-power target facilities.

Required qualifications

  • Master in Engineering sciences;
  • good experience of working in a research facility;
  • eagerness to acquire knowledge in the field of radioactive ion beam production and radioisotopes production facilities;
  • experience in the following fields is an advantage:
    • design of systems under high temperature, high vacuum, high voltage;
    • remote handling in radioactive environments;
    • experience in thermal calculations;
  • good communication (verbal and written) and coordination skills;
  • fluency in English, knowledge of French and/or Dutch or prepared to follow courses.


Should you have any questions, please contact

Belmans Evi
+32 (0)14 33 25 82