Process engineer

Balance of Plant

Job description

SCK•CEN is actively involved in the design and construction of the multi-functional research facility. MYRRHA is the world’s first prototype of a nuclear reactor driven by a particle accelerator (ADS = Accelerator Driven System).

It is being constructed in three phases. Recently, we started working on the first phase – the construction of a particle accelerator up to 100 MeV and its proton irradiation stations. From 2026, the facility will produce innovative radioisotopes and promote fundamental and applied research in areas such as fusion materials.

As process engineer, you will form part of the Balance of Plant (BOP) team. That team is responsible for drawing up the conceptual design of the conventional systems (such as buildings, process, HVAC, electricity, fire safety, security, etc.) and will supervise the work of an external consultancy during the more detailed elaboration of the design.

As process engineer, you will:

  • familiarise yourself with the current design (such as cooling systems, water treatment, gas systems and waste treatment) and the history of the design
  • develop a more in-depth knowledge of the approach and requirements in the area of nuclear safety
  • collect and compile the functional and technical requirements for each process system in collaboration with the accelerator and proton target team
  • ensure that the process systems are compatible with other systems and aspects of the design, such as safety
  • support the integration team
  • draw up a detailed project definition
  • assist in the elaboration of the entire Balance of Plant
  • draw up the safety report for the systems sub-process
  • draw up the conceptual design of the process systems for the “proton target facility” (such as PFDs, system descriptions, lay-out proposal, flow compensation, etc.)
  • draw up a set of specifications for the “proton target facility” so that an external consultancy can be appointed
  • follow up and elaborate the conceptual design of the beam dump
  • elaborate the tender dossier in collaboration with an external consultancy, in order to appoint a contractor
  • follow up the construction phase of the particle accelerator up to 100 MeV closely and supervise the work of the external consultancy
  • support other project teams within SCK•CEN, whenever necessary.

Required qualifications

  • A Master’s degree in Engineering Sciences, preferably specialising in Chemistry
  • A number of years’ experience in the designing of large process installations, especially on a conceptual level
  • Experience in process engineering
  • A knowledge of the relevant subject-specific standards
  • A knowledge of nuclear energy applications and accelerators in particular will be an advantage
  • Experience in calculation codes will be an advantage
  • A good knowledge of and insight into the convergence of process systems and instrumentation
  • Experience in following up the implementation phase
  • A knowledge of or experience with MYRRHA will be an advantage
  • Experience in government contracts will be an advantage
  • An ability to work independently
  • Good communication skills in order to be able to work as part of an international and multi-disciplinary team
  • A good knowledge of the general information technology applications
  • A good knowledge of English and a knowledge of Dutch and/or French, or a readiness to undergo further training in those languages.


Should you have any questions, please contact

Belmans Evi
+32 (0)14 33 25 82