Instrumentation & Control Engineer

Proton Target Research

Job description

SCK•CEN is developing the multi-purpose irradiation facility MYRRHA, a flexible fast spectrum research infrastructure conceived as an Accelerator Driven System (ADS). It consists of a  600 MeV proton linear accelerator (linac) which drives a lead-bismuth cooled sub-critical reactor. According to the MYRRHA phased implementation plan, a first facility will be constructed at SCK•CEN in Mol, composed of a 100 MeV proton linac coupled to a Proton Target Facility. This facility, contains an Isotope Separation On-Line (ISOL) target station for fundamental research and for the production of medical radioisotopes as well as a target station for fusion material research. In the ISOL facility, isotopes are produced in thick targets via proton-induced reactions, and delivered to experiments in the form of radioactive ion beams (RIB).

In the framework of this project, the Institute for Advanced Nuclear Systems (ANS), is looking for a “Instrumentation & control engineer" to join the Proton Target Research (PTR) unit of the Accelerator Project (ACP) group.

As Instrumentation and Control Engineer, you will be part of the ISOL team having the following tasks and responsibilities:
• Design of the overall process-control system for the operation of the entire ISOL-system (proton-beam handling, target operation, ISOL beam-dump operation, radioactive isotope extraction and transport, mass separation and first distribution towards physics experiments and collector station);
• Design/selection of instrumentation required for safe and efficient operation of the ISOL system;
• Monitoring and control of the ISOL system, RIB-transport system and collector station;
• Design of safety-related interlocks;
• Design of a data-acquisition system;
• Contribute to the development of P&ID diagrams of the ISOL installation;
• Interface with accelerator systems and with the conventional systems of the facility.

Required qualifications

• Master degree in engineering (electronics, ICT, automatization…);
• Working experience as Control System & Instrumentation Engineer;
• Experience in working within an accelerator-based or research facility is a plus;
• Engineering experience with both analog- and digital-instrumentation and control systems is preferred;
• Proven experience in writing Functional Design Specifications for control systems;
• Experience in working with EPICS is a strong advantage;
• Experience with design of HMI;
• Good communication and coordination skills;
• Fluency in English (with the ability to draw-up technical specifications & reports and to make oral presentations). Knowledge of French or Dutch is an advantage;
• Willing to travel abroad occasionally;


Should you have any questions, please contact

Van Pottelbergh Patricia
+32 (0)14 33 83 14